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AC, Inc. has a long and reputable history working with DoD and other customers to manufacture a wide variety of products for various missile programs to exacting specifications

The top two reasons our customers come back time and again can be traced back to our relentless commitment to quality and the quality and experience of our team members. We have developed long-time personal relationships with our clients, located in Huntsville, Alabama and around the country, who depend on us for our manufacturing flexibility and consistent, on-time delivery.

Types of products manufactured by AC, Inc.:

AURVS Simulators

AC, Inc. manufactures maintenance and tooling simulators for the Virginia Class Submarine fleet.

  • AURVS Navy Simulator

Small Missile Containers

AC, Inc. manufactures reusable, stackable, pressure and POP tested container systems that control humidity, shock, and temperature extremes for a variety of military and commercial applications.

  • Stinger Container
  • Griffin Container
  • Hellfire Container
  • Longbow Container

Large Missile Containers & Skids

AC, Inc. manufactures large scale container systems that are reusable, stackable, and pressure tested. These containers house very large missiles during transport and storage, while controlling humidity, shock, and temperature extremes.

  • MK 30
  • MK 34
  • MK 631
  • MK 630
  • MK 607
  • MK 733
  • Maverick

Various DoD Fabricated Products

AC, Inc. manufactures a variety of specialty components used in various military and commercial applications. These components typically include a variety of materials and testing approaches to ensure long term quality in tough environments.

  • Ladder Rack (THAAD Launch Component)
  • Various Commercial and DoD Fixtures
  • Boeing LJ Dam Container
  • FLIR Container

Maintenance Stands & Fixtures

AC, Inc. manufactures large, multi-stage platforms as well as commercial fixtures and product stands out of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and high strength steel. These platforms and fixtures are NDT and proof load tested.

  • Virginia Class Submarine Maintenance Platforms
  • Commercial weld fixtures
  • Custom product stands

Engineering and Product Support

AC, Inc. has the ability to work from 3-D models supplied by the customer to view components, generate machine programs, and test form, fit, and function. We also have the ability to make individual component drawings from customer provided data and aid in configuration control.

Repair and Refurbishment Services

AC, Inc. helps customers to extend the life of their critical products, whether manufactured by AC, Inc. or others. Repairs and refurbishments are performed in our facility and often include weld repair, machining, component exchange, sandblasting, re-coating, and re-inspection.