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For over 70 years, AC Manufacturing has been providing quality products and services to its customers.

What is now known as AC, Inc. was formed on October 20, 1948. While AC has operated in several different locations in North Alabama. In 1986, AC moved its headquarters and manufacturing operations to its current location in the Chase Industrial Park in Huntsville, Alabama.

AC has a long history of working with a variety of missile programs and systems, including:

  • Phoenix

  • Harpoon

  • Chapparal


  • Sea Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles

  • TOW

  • 50-Cal Machine Gun Mounting Kits

  • Hawk

  • Hercules

  • LCSS

  • FAAR

  • Dragon

  • Stinger

During the 1970s, AC began to focus on metal manufacturing including sheet metal, machining, welding, painting and assembly. This focus continues today as AC manufactures modernized weapon system containers for such systems as:

  • Hellfire

  • Longbow


  • Harpoon


  • Griffin

Additionally, AC makes containers for many critical FLIR and Radar components.

Containers are not the only items manufactured by AC. For instance, AC has built the Vertical Launch System Platforms for the Los Angeles Class Submarine and the Virginia Class Submarine. AC has also manufactured the All-Up-Round Simulator (AURS) with MK34 Skid and the Al-Up-Round Grade B Ballast Can (AURBb) for the Virginia Class Submarine.

As with any company that has survived over 7 decades, AC is blessed to have quality team members, some of whom have been part of the AC family for over 30 years. Many of the long-term employees are helping to train the next generation of team members so that AC can continue to provide quality to its customers.