Quality Assurance Services


With a manufacturing heritage of meeting stringent government standards, AC Services is uniquely qualified to provide manufacturers with quality control and product assurance services.

AC Services is a leading provider of third-party quality inspection services in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, with the ability to travel to numerous areas outside of this region. With a proven track record of experience in governement and commercial manufacturing, automotive inspection and related industries, AC Services can provide your company with qualified personnel to handle urgent quality control issues. In addition, AC Services can provide experienced quality managers to assist in developing solutions to difficult problems, to coordinate and manage projects, or to assist with launch activities.

AC Services is a ISO 9001:2008 certified provider of quality technical services and a member of the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Capabilities and Services:

  • • Third party inspection, sorting, rework and containment.
• Inspect and sort discrepant materials.
• Rework, when required, to documented specifications.
• Incoming supplier quality inspection management.
• Supplier quality development.
• Quality engineering support staff.
• Root cause analysis & corrective action planning.
• First Article testing & inspection.
• Production support.
• Launch support services.

• Customer & Supplier representation.
• Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).
• FaroArm (portable CMM).
• Non-destructive testing including
  dye penetrant and magnetic
  particle testing.